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Writing enables you to articulate your perspectives in a thoughtful manner and genuinely impact and aid countless others.

Someone is waiting to hear what you have to say.

Add to that, in case that is not enough of a reason to do it, the enormous boost to your self-esteem, and the pride you get to feel when you realise you are a published author, and that you are genuinely making a real difference.

Inspiring women of wisdom to put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard- is a very rewarding exercise for us at Disruptive Publishing. We know that if we can support you through the process of writing and publishing your wisdom, we are positively contributing to the growth of the planet, and that goes to the heart of our values.

If you would like to share your wisdom and make a difference to others, join us for this FREE challenge and you will not only receive some great resources to help you get organised and get your book written, you’ll also get some quality coaching from Deb along the way.

Move at your own pace.

You can move at a pace that works best for you. There are no hard and fast rules. Whether you want to move fast or not, we are here to support you to get your book written.


  1. Hi


    Loving the course.

    I desire to publish around 16 self-help books and around 50 novels, including en epic fantasy saga.

    I have a great deal of content written and notes on the computer, but two whole bookshelves of
    other notes. I need to knuckle down and write my notes up 🙂

    When is the next zoom call and are there recordings for the past ones?



    1. Hi Titania, so glad you are enjoying the course. Sounds like you have some exciting times ahead of you.
      Next zoom call is Wednesday 26th April at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

  2. Hi
    I am loving this course, so much healing and awareness through this process. doing my memoir has been very rocky emotionally and taking me back into trauma response and fear, however I am journalling each day to assist with self care and bringing my higher self fourth to nurture my inner child. this is such a powerful process which pulls me into gratitude and seeing how resilient I am which is fostering healthier self esteem where there has been so much self criticism and negative mindset with shame and pain from my past. so grateful.

    1. Hi Kerry, I am so glad you are enjoying the course and so glad you are managing the emotional aspect of reliving past events. It can be a tricky time for many so you are not alone. Keep journalling and moving forward get help when you need to. Deborah x

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